Coach outlet from the bag to throw out fifty thousand Rattus
Coach outlet waved , " can be you! You want to stay away Tony asked me doing! I do not leave you overnight, but if you want to spend the night here, I can punctuality King Tong Mao Jieshao several small sister to accompany you, when you play with a discount for each purchase. "

Day heard the words almost silent in the past. For fear of under Coach outlet and so will go back like, quickly took leave.

Until the Sky, who left, Coach outlet from the bag to throw out fifty thousand Rattus, give him little brothers to go out and then come up with a hundred thousand.

"Let whatever the outcome is out of the mix, cannot always walk in chop man! Use this money to buy a commercial vehicle."

" Cannon brother said pole, I would buy tomorrow." Rattus greatly Xing hi promised.

Then Coach outlet so that everyone scattered, after almost half past eleven, if too late then, when these students point out something to stir up, he had carried the Coach outlet can be a.

After Coach outlet the rest of the fifty thousand and Wang Xing points, and took five thousand out of Lehi, let this kid happy for a long time speechless.
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