Coach factory

Coach factory outlet heart greatly pleased
Coach factory outlet heart greatly pleased, decided to take some tonight in honor of the big sponsors, immediately commanded Rattus took out thousands of bottles of wine worth.

"Sky, Yeah! Are today to me wherever he goes, should I still have a good landlord to do." Coach factory outlet said glass full of wine will hand it over.

Sky looked at Coach factory outlet brilliant smile face, and my heart but more uneasy, suddenly Lengsu grim, all of a sudden laughing enthusiasm, people did not figure , but also specifically pouring with me , he should not take after the money , there is something for other purposes it !

After about twenty minutes past, Tianyi black men carrying a large bag back.

" Cannon brother you tap it! Here are three hundred thousand." Said meat Tianyi face twitched, handed to the dismay of Coach factory outlet.

Coach factory outlet took opened it, I saw ten thousand yuan which is all a bunch of hundred dollar bills, with dozens of full bundle of Coach factory outlet eyesight, although only a cursory look down, but three hundred thousand absolutely no less.

"No points, I could not even sit in Hong Xing Hall boss letter but also the son of a camel thing!" Coach factory outlet laughed.

" Cannon brother, that we cannot go ahead." Tianjin some apprehension opening asked.
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