"Misunderstanding, that we come and talk to this misunderstanding, Oh, look at this misunderstanding tonight cannot solve." Coach outlet store online playing with two pistols on the table, do not know is intentionally or unintentionally put the muzzle alignment of the sky. Tonight Coach outlet online wanted to be able to try to rid them , will no longer be trouble on the line, but did not expect a call surprisingly good , Sky 's performance is also bad points, if you do not take this opportunity to scratch that, it also so sorry Tiandeliangxin it.

Sky looked at the dark muzzle, suddenly aligned himself, physically flick, almost stumble chair faces down. Coach outlet online watching this purpose, the reigning shook his head, the original is no longer just a soft punches it.

" Cannon brother, how can you say on how to talk a good talk." Tianjin face slightly pale, barely out of touch to smile.

"Well." Coach outlet online nodded, this put the gun to the side, " a few blocks near the Lingnan University this is my brother Rattus cover, I do not want to see someone after the trouble here, and that you know how to do it! "

"I know." Tony nodded, do not hesitate to keen on the idea forward.

"There is also the older brother you should know that I have to negotiate with you with hundreds of people, eat and drink, the brothers also had right! You ..." Coach outlet online and not be slow opening, eyes suddenly Tianyi riveted.
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